“Life is fast paced – we all have 24Hrs each day”
In this we are all equal
Make your time count, Enjoy & live your life to it’s fullest.
leverage your time where you can.
Do not waste it, it is the only thing on earth you can never get again”
 — Motorind.

Who is Motorind:

Motorind is Australian based however supplies products and services to all parts of the world.

Motorind is a community-based Drop shipping Motorcycle and Car parts and accessories store focusing on affordable and quality Accessories, Gadgets, Tools, Parts and associated products for the Motorcycle or Car enthusiast and motorhead.

Motorind sources specific products from manufactures all around the world, USA, China, Lithuania, Australia, Europe, you name it. For us at Motorind it is about bringing the vast selection of products available out there into a single location for you.

We may not be the cheapest, however the support and the service that you the customer receive is exceptional. As a community-based business, we at Motorind strive to provide you the customer that community-based feel and trust and we are here to look after you.

Our Mission:

Our Mission and focus here at Motorind is our customers. You are our business.

Our business is providing you with quality products at a reasonable price. We provide a high level of customer support, and ensure our products and services meet your expectations. In the event they don’t then we’ll support you to a satisfactory result.

We are only as good as the service and support we provide to you the customer.

Motorind is always sourcing new suppliers and products to provide to our customers, be it cutting edge new innovative products or the stable products that we all use and love.

Our drive here at Motorind is in building trust with our customers to provide a cool, edgy, community for like minded enthusiasts and motorheads where they can have a one stop shop for their products.

Peace out

The Motorind Team